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Separation & Divorce


Ending a marriage is never easy. Making sure you choose the right lawyer to handle your divorce is one of the most important decisions you will make. At Morgan and Phillips LLP, we specialize in divorce and separation. Our lawyers have the skill, knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process of finalizing your separation and divorce.

A divorce is a court Order that legally ends a marriage. Some of our clients need the courts to help resolve several issues relating to the end of their marriage – such as a dispute over custody, support or division of marital property. For others, these issues are finalized in a Separation Agreement. In these cases, we will help bring a legal end to your marriage by handling your Application for divorce. Getting a legal divorce will allow you to move on with your life without the worry of any continuing obligations to your former spouse. If everything has been decided, and all you need is a divorce, we can get this done for you for a flat rate all-inclusive fee.

No matter which path you choose, we will help you every step of the way, and help you to put an end to the marriage and move forward with life.

Stephen Morgan is an amazing family law lawyer. He will tell you the truth about your case and not get you wired up in irrelevant squabbles that just crank up the bill. He's approachable, gentle, personable, and professional. He really knows the law and goes above and beyond the call to support and advocate. He returns calls, he knows his stuff, and he really cares. I recommend him highly.